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cvs commit to glibc-package/debian/sysdeps by jbailey

Repository: glibc-package/debian/sysdeps
who:        jbailey
time:       Wed Oct 22 22:35:23 MDT 2003
Log Message:
    * Jeff Bailey <jbailey@nisa.net>
      Welcome back HPPA, Thanks to Carlos O'Donell <carlos@baldric.uwo.ca>
      - debian/patches/50_glibc232-hppa-full-nptl-2003-10-22.dpatch: New.
      - debian/patches/50_glibc23-hppa-entry.dpatch: Remove.
      - debian/patches/glibc23-00-hppa-pthreads.dpatch: Remove.
      - debian/patches/glibc23-01-hppa-dl-machine.dpatch: Remove.
      - debian/patches/glibc23-07-hppa-atomicity.dpatch: Remove.
      - debian/patches/glibc23-hppa-compat.dpatch: Remove.
      - debian/patches/glibc23-hppa-malloc8.dpatch: Remove.
      - debian/patches/00list: Update.
      - debian/rules: Define NJOBS as 1.
      - debian/sysdeps/linux.mk: Define NJOBS based on number of processors
      - debian/rules.d/build.mk: Use -j  during build.
      Based on patch from Ian Wienand <ianw@gelato.unsw.edu.au>

changed:    Tag: nptl linux.mk

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