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Bug#214898: Create /etc/default_locale containing the selected locale

Package: locales
Version: 2.3.2-8
Severity: wishlist

Currently, the default locale setting for the system can be accessed 
only through /etc/environment, which is a configuration file for PAM. 
Setting the locale for a daemon currently requires to parse this file, 
but it is just not the way to go.

If, additionnaly to the /etc/environment stuff, the debconf-selected
locale was put into /etc/default_locale (a file just containing the
locale, nothing else), as suggested Ryan Murray, it would make it much
easier for daemons to set their locale to the system default, without
relying on an error-prone environment setting.
Such a file would be necessary to get a correctly localized gdm for

I think it is fairly easy to achieve, and it could even be used later
(after the sarge release) to set the locale using a specific PAM module,
instead of using pam_env.

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