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Bug#210301: locales 2.3.2-6 won't configure

	Steve Doerr <sdoerr@swbell.net> wrote:

> locales in the unstable distro won't seem to configure for me, but the 
> error doesn't offer anything as to what it's failing on.  I tried to 
> move locale.gen out of the way, but it doesn't make a difference.

I had a similar problem with 2.3.2-7 and tracked it down to
a recent change in /usr/sbin/locale-gen

The 'unset POSIXLY_CORRECT' statement generates an error if
POSIXLY_CORRECT is not defined and then the script exits
immediately (it exits because set -e is in effect).

The end result is that 'dpkg --configure locales' fails.

Try to edit this script, remove the set -e statement, rerun the configure
part and see how it goes (that did it for me).

The correct fix would probably be to unset the variable only if it's


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