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Bug#204691: libc6: stacksize is too small

At 29 Aug 2003 18:15:47 +0100,
Philip Blundell wrote:
> On Fri, 2003-08-29 at 12:20, Brian Almeida wrote:
> > The solution being offered on the transgaming forums is to increase the stack size 
> > from 2mb to 8mb by applying the following patch to glibc:
> Thanks for the information.  I don't think this patch is likely to cause
> any bad effects, so I have added it to the Debian tree.  It'll be in
> 2.3.2-5.

I wonder it's really safe.  If we create a lot of threads like Java
EJB environment, we consume virtual memory four times faster than the
current implementation.  You find STACK_SIZE is a boundary for each
thread.  The right way is to support floating stack (thus libc6-686)
or nptl + tls, I think.  I'm afraid this patch affects badly.

-- gotom

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