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Re: libc6 posix version/breakage

At Mon, 11 Aug 2003 10:15:22 -0700,
Zack Weinberg wrote:
> "Portable" shell scripts CANNOT use these POSIX.2001-mandated command
> line syntaxes; there are still operating systems in wide use that do
> not implement them.  Thus, for instance, config.sub/config.guess will
> continue to use the old syntax for the foreseeable future, as will
> gcc's Makefiles.
> POSIX.2001's removal of the "obsolete" syntaxes is brain damaged and
> coreutils MUST NOT follow suit.  I would encourage y'all to address
> this, not by backing down glibc's _POSIX2_VERSION number, but by
> patching coreutils to support the old syntaxes again - unconditionally
> and without warnings.  And then beat the upstream maintainers of
> coreutils upside the head until they take said patch.  Do the same for
> any other shell utility that has been infected with this brain damage.

Seconded.  Keeping old behavior is good rathan than dropping down
_POSIX2_VERSION value.  Some program want to know API compatibility
using _POSIX2_VERSION.  Dropping chmod user.grp behavior makes us
advocate users to use new behavior.

BTW, I think it's good idea to transit newer behavior of standard
utilities during debian sid.

-- gotom

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