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cvs commit to glibc-package/debian/packages.d by bcollins

Repository: glibc-package/debian/packages.d
who:        bcollins
time:       Wed Jun 18 13:45:52 MDT 2003
Log Message:
      - sparcv8-target.dpatch: New patch that enables v8 optimizations for
        sparc-linux compiles. Debian specific. For some reason config.sub
        doesn't recognize sparcv8, else I'd just pass sparcv8-linux as the host
      - Change how things are passed to configure for optimized packages, so
        that we let glibc set all the optimizations for us.
      - Change how sparc64 and s390x are built. Before the binary stage would
        force the build of the packages. Now, the build/install phases dep on
        the same for sparc64 and s390x. Same way that the OPT packages are done.

changed:    optimized.mk s390x.mk sparc64.mk

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