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Bug#191156: locales: After configuring locales to en_GB, Gnome session retains 'C' setting

reassign 191156 gdm

At Mon, 28 Apr 2003 23:49:32 +0100,
Mike Brodbelt wrote:
> After installing and configuring locales, setting the system default to
> en_GB, the contents of /etc/environment and /etc/locales.gen are
> correct, and the locale command correctly reports en_GB from a console
> login.
> However, from a Gnome 2.2 session spawned from GDM, the locale is
> incorrectly left at 'C', causing incorrectly formatted dates and other
> such annoyances. The obvious things (restarting X, rebooting the
> machine) make ni difference, so there must be a genuine bug somewhere.
> I'm assuming it's in the locales package, but I suppose it could be the
> fault of some part of Gnome.

en_GB was correctly generated.  This means locales worked perfectly.
I reassign this bug to gdm.

-- gotom

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