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Bug#189192: glob() busted when symlinks to directories used in path

Package: glibc
Version: 2.3.1-16
Severity: normal

glob() is busted in glibc because it does not correctly handle the
situation where a symlink is part of a path.  For example:

There exists a symlink:
/data/a -> /data1/a

/data1/a is a directory which contains:

A glob() call using the pattern: /data/*/* will fail.  This is because
around line 1373 of glob.c there exists the following code:

#ifdef HAVE_D_TYPE
                  /* If we shall match only directories use the information
                     provided by the dirent call if possible.  */
                  if ((flags & GLOB_ONLYDIR)
                      && d->d_type != DT_UNKNOWN && d->d_type != DT_DIR)

When a path element is a symlink the d_type for it is DT_LINK.  DT_LINK
should probably be added to the statement above as another valid type.
Of course, another check will need to be made if you want to be sure the
symlink points to a directory.  This check should probably work on any
type of file and be outside the #ifdef above so that GLOB_ONLYDIR will
work when HAVE_D_TYPE isn't defined (as I read it this isn't the case


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