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Bug#188475: /usr/bin/localedef confilicts with PAX

>   This means that all programs using gcc nested functions (so trampoline
>   technique) are totally unusable on pax environment?
>   And do you think "chpax.sh" is useful for this purpose?  If so, I
>   think the temporary solution is that chpax packages supports chpax.sh.

ok, "chpax.sh" solution is acceptable i think. it shold be called after
any package install because new executables may appear that requires
fixing... anyway nested functions are gcc extension that seem to cause
trouble, fixing gcc to generate "proper" code would be best solution
(from kernel config help)
+  Skilled users can just fix GCC itself so that it implements
+  nested function calls in a way that does not interfere with PaX.
so i won't bother you again :-) gcc maintainers should be bothered instead ;-)

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