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Bug#188475: /usr/bin/localedef confilicts with PAX

Package: libc6
Version: 2.3.1-16
Severity: Wishlist

I am running debian/unstable on my box and recently
i was upgrading libc6/locales packages. I encountered this problem:

mim:~# dpkg-reconfigure locales
Generating locales...
  pl_PL.ISO-8859-2.../usr/sbin/locale-gen: line 24:  6841 Unicestwiony            localedef -i $input -c -f $charset $locale -A /etc/locale.alias

from syslog:

Apr 10 17:12:03 mim kernel: PAX: From this.is.my.ip: terminating task: /usr/bin/localedef(localedef):6841, uid/euid: 0/0, EIP: 582DD200, ESP: 582DD0FC
Apr 10 17:12:03 mim kernel: PAX: bytes at EIP: b9 90 d7 2d 58 e9 45 13 d9 af 22 08 e8 e1 08 08 06 00 00 00

to overcome this i had to use:

mim:~# chpax -ps /usr/bin/localedef
mim:~# dpkg-reconfigure locales
Generating locales...
  pl_PL.ISO-8859-2... done
  pl_PL.UTF-8... done
Generation complete.

my kernel is 2.4.21-pre5 with grsecurity 1.9.9e
there are sshd, squid, apache, postgresql, mysql, samba daemons
running successfully (there was no single PAX incompatibility)

Michal Pokrywka
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