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Bug#188159: Acknowledgement (es_EC.ISO-8859-1...LC_MONETARY: Error during postinstall config => corrupt installation of package)

Hi Goto,

> Are you es_EC user?  I have never heard there are some es_EC users.
> BTW, I don't think it's not important.

I am not a es_EC user myself. I just usually have all locales built on
the machines I maintain for the university machines I maintain (because
you never know where your next guest will be coming from, so you can
easily make everyone happy ;-). Also: If anybody has done something like
this (even if he/she doesn't need the locale, but simply thought "the
more the better", the upgrade to the current version fails - and the
package installation is suddenly corrupt. A downgrade back to 2.3.1-13
was not possible either for me since this version was not on the Debian
ftp site (nor on my machine) any more.

The only fix for a successful installation seemingly is to edit
/etc/locale.gen (i.e. comment-out the line for the delinquent, es_EC).
Then the installation will succeed. But this is certainly not obvious
for the average user, is it? (Also a user of es_EC would be quite
unhappy, i guess.)

> > > Your message specified a Severity: in the pseudo-header, but
> > > the severity value important  was not recognised.
> >                      ^^^^^^^^^
> > > The default severity normal is being used instead.
> > > The recognised values are: critical, grave, serious, important, normal, minor, wishlist, fixed.
> >                                                        ^^^^^^^^^

But my mail regarding the "important" setting was rather about the
setting itself than the status of the bug report: As you can see from
the quote, the system claims "important" is not recognised, though it is
then listed in the list of recognised values few lines below in the same
error report. Also: I didn't TYPE the word "important" but selected the
value during creating the bugreport in "reportbug" - so somewhere there
seems to be a bug (a minor one, okay ;-). I just thought, I should
report it so it could be fixed.

Kind regards,


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