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Bug#142072: acknowledged by developer (Re: libc6: pre Euro currencies obseleted too soon)

At 2003/4/1 12:29+0900  GOTO Masanori writes:
> > I anticipate that the current European currencies presently
> > in Table 1 in ISO 4217:2001 will migrate to table 3.
> > Limiting this to "valid" currencies as in what is valid for cash
> > transactions does not allow for historical processing applications nor the
> > fact that the central banks plan to continue accepting certain currencies
> > even though they are not the valid cash for a particular currency.
> Repeatedly the real world uses mainly EUR, not DEM/FRF.  The standard
> does not follow our "just now" real life.

*mainly* is not *everyone*! The real world mainly uses x86 machines,
but Debian supports other architectures as well. Doesn't Debian still
support 386 machines even though most people would have much more
modern machines? What harm is there in Debian supporting the old

> BTW, do you know the status of draft version of the next coming
> ISO-4217 (ISO-4217:2003 or so)?  I think they will update the table in
> the next version.

No, but I can ask Andrew if he's seen anything.


IBM OzLabs Linux Development Group
Canberra, Australia

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