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Bug#117937: screen errors out on remote sessions

> Package: screen
> Version: 3.9.10-0.1
> Severity: important
> On remote sessions (which I start by ssh'ing into my machine) the
> command "screen" errors out with the message "Must be connected to a
> terminal".  The same command starts a screen session without problems
> when run locally, though.  Other programs like "emacs -nw" seem to
> have no problem recognizing that I have a terminal.  The value of TERM
> is set to "xterm" for both local and remote sessions.

> This is a bug in libc6 related to the ttyname() call and setgid
> programs. Downgrading, reassigning to libc6, and merging with existing
> bugs.
> Downgrading your libc6 package to libc6_2.2.4-3 will temporarily fix the
> problem.

Is this bug still alive in woody (2.2.5) or sarge (2.3.1)?
I think this bug is already fixed.  Could I close this bug?

-- gotom

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