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[Preliminary] HPPA Patches for glibc 2.3.2


The following is the set of preliminary patches allows HPPA to build a
semi-functional 32-bit GLibc (against upstream CVS head as of today).


I'm almost certain that I _don't_ have the sysdep-cancel code correctly
implemented, but I'll have another go when I get some more free time.

Please do not commit this to the CVS, this is purely experimental for
anyone who wants to try building upstream source + patches for HPPA. I
can think of atleast 2 people who might, so I'm providing these patches
as a snapshot of my current work.

Comments on sysdep-cancel.h changes are more than welcome since it has
to be wrong because the tst-cancel* failures are blatent (and my PA
assembly prolly has a bug).


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