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Bug#183477: Borland C++ is broken following Clib6 (testing) upgrade

At Sun, 16 Mar 2003 14:31:56 -0800,
Jeff Bailey wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 16, 2003 at 09:48:16PM +0100, Andrew Burns wrote:
> > I'm not sure this is the same bug, but since an upgrade to clib6 (testing on) 
> > March 16, none of my projects in Kylix C++ compile.  They break when 
> > compiling time.h, complaining of a 
> > Multiple declaration for '__Begin_NAMESPACE_STD'  within the time.h header.


BTW, I found: 


	"moved the referend using the Project/Options , then pick
	Directories/Conditionals tab. insert /usr/linclude at the beginning of
	the list in the Include Path"


> Can you please provide the exact error message given off?  I don't have
> Borland's compiler, so you may have to hunt this down yourself.  I'll
> give it a try, though.

I agree, asking this problem to borland is more appropriate.  kylix 3
is a commertial product, not debian package, so it's difficult to test

I would like to close this bug, ok?

-- gotom

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