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Bug#182886: libc6: local hostnames containing a dot get forwarded outside when doing host-lookups.

Quoting from resolv.conf(5):

     options  Allows certain internal resolver variables to be modified.  The
              syntax is
                    options option ...
              where option is one of the following:

              debug     sets RES_DEBUG in _res.options.

              ndots:n   sets a threshold for the number of dots which must
                        appear in a name given to res_query() (see
                        resolver(3)) before an initial absolute query will be
                        made.  The default for n is ``1'', meaning that if
                        there are any dots in a name, the name will be tried
                        first as an absolute name before any search list ele-
                        ments are appended to it.

So it looks like to achieve what you suggest the ndots default 
should be adjusted according to the local policy during the installation 
process, right?


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