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Fwd: Re: Bug 171659 is holding back most of testing

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From: Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org>
To: Johan Walles <d92-jwa@nada.kth.se>
Subject: Re: Bug 171659 is holding back most of testing
Date: 19 Jan 2003 12:41:57 +0100

Johan Walles wrote:
> sön 2003-01-19 klockan 11.05 skrev Martin Schulze:
> > Johan Walles wrote:
> > > The problem is that glibc's RPC implementation seems to be non-free
> > > according to the DFSG.  There *are* a few other bugs holding back glibc
> > 
> > Ouch!  Are the glibc guys working on this?
> I have no idea.  From what I understand, FSF (or whoever it was)
> considers SUN's RPC license to be compatible with LGPL (and thus glibc),
> so they don't see this as a problem.  OTOH, DFSG seems to say that it is
> not OK for Debian to ship in main.  So, AFAICT, it *could* come down to
> that somebody from the Debian project has to re-implement SUN RPC.

This should be forwarded to debian-glibc@lists.debian.org.  Could you do
that?  What I wrote is not to be considered private, but yours may.



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