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Re: -lieee -lm cannot generate shared binaries

> -lm -lieee cannot be used in shared mode. This prevents Erlang from building
> cleanly.
> % gcc -shared -o t.so t.c -lm
> % gcc -shared -o t.so t.c -lieee
> % gcc -shared -o t.so t.c -lieee -lm
> % gcc -shared -o t.so t.c -lm -lieee
> ld: t.so: undefined versioned symbol name _LIB_VERSION@@GLIBC_2.0
> ld: failed to set dynamic section sizes: Bad value

No, -lieee have to place prior to -lm.  -lieee forces IEEE error 
handling rules for math functions in linking with -lm.  So, if you
put -lieee after -lm, it's meaningless.

If you think this matter should be in libc info, please tell us.
But I wonder why you use -lieee without any knowledge of its role.
I guess -lieee is needed for compiling on another archs/OSes...

-- gotom

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