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Re: Status of glibc-2.3.1-{6,7}

On Tue, Dec 24, 2002 at 02:15:24PM -0500, Reid Sutherland wrote:

> >Is there any fix available for the current glibc to fix the 'errno' bug 
> >that's associated with various software (qmail, ucspi-tcp, etc)?

> I've tested glibc-2.3.1-8 and it now allow software which previously 
> failed to compile, to actualyl compile without issue.  Also, binary 
> versions of that software now run properly again (qmail, ucspi-tcp, etc).

Please note that this software will, at some point in the future, fail
to compile again.  All this has done is buy some time.  Please make sure
your software fixes the broken usage of "extern int errno;" and replaces
it with proper uses of the <errno.h> header.

Jeff Bailey

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