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cvs commit to glibc-package/debian by gotom

Repository: glibc-package/debian
who:        gotom
time:       Thu Dec 19 21:16:53 MST 2002
Log Message:
      - debian/locales/DEBIAN/config: db_set is set if and only if locale.gen
        is existed.  Patched by Masato Taruishi <taru@debian.org>
        His note:
          The previous config script always set locales_to_be_generated
          even when /etc/locale.gen doesn't exist. So the question in
          dpkg-preconfigure time became empty in dpkg --configure locales time.
          This change resolves long outstanding locales bug.
        (Closes: #156386, #151784, #154244, #164523, #172439)

changed:    changelog

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