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Bug#166920: stat is not defined in libc6.so

Hello, I have the same problems with the Siag suite. I think the problem is related to the new release of glibc, where stat and other symbols are not defined as functions in the dynamic library. They are just declared as inlined #defines in stat.h and must be compiled statically. Really glibc 2.2.5 breaks compatibility with previous version 2.2.3. But is not clear if that is a bug or not. As I understand that has adopted to conform to the behavior of other versions of libc.

<QUOTE From the libc/FAQ (FAQ 2.7)>

2.7. Looking through the shared libc file I haven't found the functions `stat', `lstat', `fstat', and `mknod' and while linking on my Linux system I get error messages. How is this supposed to work?

{RM} Believe it or not, stat and lstat (and fstat, and mknod) are supposed to be undefined references in libc.so.6! Your problem is probably a missing or incorrect /usr/lib/libc.so file; note that this is a small text file now, not a symlink to libc.so.6. It should look something like this:

GROUP ( libc.so.6 libc_nonshared.a )


The conclusion is that all packages compiled for using dynamically this functions with glibc 2.2.3 must be recompiled for be used with 2.2.5

I hope that can help you (if you can interpret my bad english :). Continue with the great work!


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