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Bug#165921: libc6: Please use debconf to warn of likely breakage on major upgrade

> Such a debconf warning may also be a convenient place to warn of
> breakage to commercial packages (eg. Sun JDK <= 1.4.0) and request
> that bugs are filed where they belong, not with libc6.

Please don't. Warnings like that are very annoying --- consider how when
you install woody one of the few things it demands is you ack that old
kernels may fail to build. 

A warning from glibc that old, buggy software may not work isn't much
better. By the time sarge releases, those bugs will be fairly rare.
Observe how quick they are being fixed --- and observe that sarge is
probably at least a year off.

Stuff like that belongs in the release notes, and possibly the
installation guide, where someone only has to deal with it once (or
never, should they choose to live riskily).

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