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Bug#164868: glibc-$DEBVERSION dependency is harmful for unreleased architectures

On Mon, Oct 21, 2002 at 11:15:37PM +0200, Santiago Vila wrote:
> On Mon, 21 Oct 2002, Ben Collins wrote:
> > > If you do not consider this a problem in libc, please reassign this
> > > to the ftp.debian.org package so that they create a testing
> > > distribution for all unreleased architectures, one that does not
> > > remove old packages until the new ones become installable.
> >
> > Unstable is a freaking moving target. Don't file bugs just because
> > things don't stay in sync. That's ignorant.
> Exactly what part of "please reassign to ftp.debian.org" didn't you
> understand?
> It's not just that things are not in sync, it's that you are artificially
> forcing them to be in sync without need, and every time they aren't,
> an important package like locales becomes *completely* uninstallable.
> Do you still think "most people don't use locales", Ben?

Oh no, I understand that most ppl use locales. The issue is not that.
Most ppl use i386, so most of the ppl who use locales are unaffected.

The point is we have a real reason that the locales dep is the way it
is. it's not artificial. Old bug reports forced this issue. We will also
continue to pull CVS to keep glibc in sync. Hand picking patches from
CVS for individual problems makes upkeep that much harder, especially
when the next stable comes out.

So reduce your FUD. I am not against locales, or the users of it. Quite
the contrary. The mechanism exists so that locales remains in a working

The fact is, you are also quite incorrect in your assesment. The problem
only affects two instances:

1) New installs from sid (rare seeing as we don't have a sid installer)

2) Ppl who did not originally have locales installed, but upgraded to
sid, and later decided to install locales. Since this only affects the
random non-serious user of locales, I don't think it affects you or the
"hardcore locales users" you seem to be defending.

If you are following sid with locales installed, apt will not allow you
to upgrade locales. Of course your currently installed version will
remain working. What's broken about that? Nothing at all that I can see.

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