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Bug#165554: __ctype_b symbol no longer available?

At Mon, 21 Oct 2002 05:23:35 -0700,
Jeff Bailey wrote:
> > > I've added debian/patches/glibc23-lc-ctype-compat.dpatch in cvs
> > > experimentaly. I've just started to build and test this problem.
> > > I hope all concerns are gone away.
> The only concern I see left is mine: How are we going to get rid of
> this patch eventually?

Yes, it's important. I think at least it applies until sarge freeze,
or even after sarge release. Because debian stable user's old static
binaries are still remained, we should wait thier movement.
Jeff, Daniel, Ben, I also want to know your idea, if you have more

> But I think you can upload in the meantime while we discuss is.


-- gotom

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