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Re: install-info vs. perl 5.8

> >    Well actually the correct thing to do is to go ahead and see what
> > symbols you really need to be exporting from glibc via libgcc-compat
> > for run time resolution. I'll see if I can puzzle out the form of
> > such a script this weekend.
> The other thing is that you can also test for a while in a chroot
> jail.  As long as we can bootstrap both gcc and glibc, then we can
> always tweak the compat code when we find bugs.  I'm sure they'll all
> show up within a very short time of the upgrade. =)
> Tks,
> Jeff Bailey

Well my current problem is that I don't have a functional 2.2.93 on hppa.
I have compile with --disable-shared, and even then I'm currently
debugging tst-mblen (odd __libc_dlopen failures).


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