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Bug#159781: libc6: getaddrinfo doesn't do nsswitch.conf ordering correctly

On Thu, Sep 05, 2002 at 09:01:41PM -0400, Ben Collins wrote:

> On Thu, Sep 05, 2002 at 05:45:50PM -0400, apenwarr@nit.ca wrote:
> > Package: libc6
> > Version: 2.2.5-14
> > Severity: normal
> > 
> > If I have this line in /etc/hosts:
> > 
> > cproxy
> > 
> Read the glibc FAQ/Bugs (upstream). This is not a bug, but is just how
> getaddrinfo works, so that it can fulfill it's specifications.

I see nothing relevant in

...can you point me at the right link?

I don't see how it's fulfilling its specifications the way it currently
does, which is basically ignoring the preferences I state in
/etc/nsswitch.conf.  I'm not arguing here that it shouldn't try IPv6 - which
it should - but that it should try IPv6 _and_ IPv6 in /etc/hosts before it
tries them in DNS.

Nothing in the man page for getaddrinfo suggests that it should do



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