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possible patch issue

    I noticed one thing in my muddled attempts toward,
the finally successful, migration to glibc 2.2.92. We
may have an issue with a patch that was in glibc 2.2.5-15
debian cvs but not in current glibc-2.3 debian cvs.
I have been testing the libgcc-compat code recently
checked into glibc-2-2-branch by building and installing
the recent glibc 2.2.5-15 cvs. As one test I did I
built Branden's xfree86 4.2.0-0pre1v3 source packages,
since he didn't have them built at the time.
    Today, when I mangled my machine one of the first things
I did was regress back to glibc 2.2.5-14. I immediately
noticed that X would no longer run due to a nice related
symbol issue. Installing the 2.2.5-15 cvs packages I had
built instead solved this problem immediately. I noticed
tonight that X broke again when installed the glibc 2.2.92
packages I built. However downloading the 'official'
xfree86 4.2.0-0pre1v3 packages that Branden had built on
sid fixed X again. 
    I suspect what I was seeing was a symbol being exported
for linking from the glibc2.2.6-nice patch which was in
glibc 2.2.5-15 cvs but not the current glibc 2.2.92-1 cvs
(debian). I will talk to HJ Lu about this (since I think it
was his patch). I suspect there is a flaw and it should
only be exporting the nice symbol for run-time resolution
and not exported for linking like it currently is in that
patch. I just wanted to give you a heads up. We may not
want that patch in glibc-2.3 until the export for linking
issue is eliminated. Otherwise we will build non-portable

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