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Re: Splitting locales and i18ndata from glibc into some sane packages

5.10.2000 pisze Petr Cech (cech@atrey.karlin.mff.cuni.cz):

> On Wed, Oct 04, 2000 at 06:13:25PM -0400 , -dsr- wrote:
> > How about splitting on the two-letter language parts?

> oh boy. +-50 packages just to split it. :( As I saw the KDE ones, I probably
> could live with them, as they are huge, but i18ndata I'd left in one piece.

Wouldn't it be good to implement subpackages into dpkg? And then
install only those locale subpackages which the user needs? Something

dpkg --install <packagename> --locales en_US en_GB pl cs de

or, on apt level:

apt-get dist-upgrade --locales en_US en_GB pl cs de

would be very usable. We would then have needed granularity without
creating bunch of packages for every localized program...

best regards,

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