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Dear Joel Klecker,
trying to upgrade my Debian2.1 I will use the libc6 version 2.1.3-7.
Searching the deb-packages on (many) ftp-servers shows me that there is
no more service for the slink-distribution! horror! my system is running
well and I do not upgrade to the potato-distribution in cause of the
actual stable installation. Is there any possibility to get packkages
for Slink/Debian 2.1 on some ftp-sever? First I need
libc6_2.1.3-7-dev.deb; without it, some new programms seems not to work
(installed libc6_2.0.7).

I am sure you are not the right person for the following, but I hope you
know who is; so, please tell them: I think I am not the only person
which is glad about running Slink and there is no "must" for installing
Potato. Please do not finish support and do not delete the existing

Best regards
Kirsten Klaffki

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