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Troubles with compiling Oracle 8.0.5 on Potato

Debian does not provide a glibc-2.0, which is installable on potato.
What about Oracle 8.1.6, is it compiled for glibc-2.1?

Greg writes:
 > We need to install Oracle 8.0.5 on Potato but compiler reports 
 > some errors due to incompatibility glibc2.0 with glibc2.1 at
 > the source level. On Slink everything was ok.
 > My chief said, that there is a package for RedHat, solving
 > that kind of trouble. (compat-glibc 5.2-
 > Is there Debian package like that?
 > Any advice?
 > Can I install this .rpm package on Debian potato ? Is it safe ?
 > I think it can be made simpler...
 > p.s.
 > please, forward this mail to anybody, who may help,
 > because we need _fast_ solution...
 > Gregory Belenky
 > WebZavod programmer (http://www.webzavod.ru)

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