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Re: BUG: currupt function pthread_cleanup_push definition in /usr/include/pthread.h

>>>>> Raphael Bossek writes:

 > Hi,
 > compiling my source code using the pthread_cleanup_push function dropps
 > misterious errors so i checked the definition of it and found that a
 > '}' is missing in line 478 (libc6-dev 2.1.2-0pre12) of
 > /usr/include/pthread.h.
 > Please correct this in the next release.
No - your program is broken.  Read the comments in <pthread.h>, e.g.:

/* Install a cleanup handler: ROUTINE will be called with arguments ARG
   when the thread is cancelled or calls pthread_exit.  ROUTINE will also
   be called with arguments ARG when the matching pthread_cleanup_pop
   is executed with non-zero EXECUTE argument.
   pthread_cleanup_push and pthread_cleanup_pop are macros and must always
   be used in matching pairs at the same nesting level of braces. */

The last two lines are important.

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