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Bug#41352: HTML & dhelp

Ulf Jaenicke-Roessler wrote:

> > No, HTML documentation is defined as uncompressed format.
> Hmm, I looked at the current Policy. 

It´s not a problem of the policy. HTML itself is defined as an
uncompressed ascii file.

> with html docs. Instead it says that "all other text documents" (besides
> man pages and info texts) should be compressed unless it is small.

Forget the policy :).

> This, at least, is only half-true. First, I seem to remember that some
> version of Netscape (4.0x?) did uncompress .gz files on its own. But

It´s very difficult to configure netscape to handle compression in
the right way (gzip as MIME type and as transfer encoding). I know
a lot of netscape installations (HP/UX, AIX) that have problems with
this encoding.

> Second, like Marcus said, you can set up your web server to uncompress
> the files.

No, that´s no solution:

(a) Systems like my dhelp offer the user a index of the installed html
    documentation using a www daemon *or* the local file system.
(b) This would be to slow for a big server.

> Finally, a relatively simple solution which could be incorporated in dwww
> for example, is to let your Web-Server send a certain header together
> with the gzipped page:
> Content-encoding: x-gzip

This is not the job of dwww or dhelp. All better www daemons will do
But this will not help, because some/a lot of browsers have problems
that. How should this work on a Windows client?

> This works with Communicator 4.61 in Win95 (you may test it with a simple
> cgi script).

But only if you have installed gzip.

> > Maybe the user don´t want to read it local?!?
> Well, it's documentation of locally installed packages. There are only
> a few cases where it makes sense to read Linux documentation when running

Few cases? You´re kidding. At university I have to use such
solutions every day. We´re taking about a server operating system!

> Win95. And you always could use Lynx in a telnet session.

Lynx :)?!?

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