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Bug#38178: pedantic -W -Wall

>>>>> Stephan Kulow writes:

 > Package: libc6-dev
 > Version: 2.1.1-7

 > Hi!

 > I compile my C++ code with -pedantic -W -Wall to find errors in 
 > it. But there are some warnings that come out of the libc headers.
 > One of them is the below. There are some others, I could give you
 > a list if you can forward/fix them :)

Just send me a simple sample program that shows the behaviour.
The following simple program doesn't give any warnings with egcs
1.1.2 (and if this only happens with including kde headers, the kde
headers might be broken and I won't look at them):

#include <sys/stat.h>

int main (void) 

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