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Bug#37295: fno-inline causes strcpy(foo, "") to break

>>>>> Lars Wirzenius writes:

 > Package: libc6-dev
 > Version: 2.1.1-2

 > [...]
 > Ergo, it works as it should. If I use -fno-inline, however, it fails to work:

 > $ gcc -O -fno-inline foo.c
 > /tmp/cc49Syvn.o: In function `main':
 > /tmp/cc49Syvn.o(.text+0x91): undefined reference to `__strcpy_small'
 > collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

 > As far as I understand, I should be able to use -fno-inline. The problem,
 > I think, is due to how /usr/include/string.h and/or /usr/include/bits/string2.h
 > decide on whether to use a macro of strcpy that expands to a call to
 > __strcpy_small in some circumstances.

You're right.  The problem is the usage of `extern inline' without a
normal implementation of these functions.

I've fixed this now in the glibc sources upstream.  With glibc 2.1.1
final -fno-inline should work again without problems - even with
string functions.

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