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Bug#37829: locales: locales now fails with some things (like perl) and some packages (midentd) won't work.

Package: locales
Version: 2.1.1-5.1

I'm using this variable in my environment:

packages given in example (shellutils for /bin/date):
ii  perl            5.004.04-7     Larry Wall's Practical Extracting and Repor
ii  midentd         1.4-4          identd replacement with masquerading support
ii  shellutils      1.16-6.3       The GNU shell programming utilities.

before installing new locales I used to get this kind of date when
jeu avr 29 09:14:27 EDT 1999

now I get:
Mon May 17 00:39:45 EDT 1999
as if there were no locales set.

same way after installing locales perl complains about locales. (even
during installation of new packages there are warnings)

the fr_CA is here (after a freshly run update who knows...):
blackhole:~$ locate fr_CA

some commands use it:
blackhole:~$ ls notexisting
ls: notexisting: No such file or directory
blackhole:~$ export LC_ALL=fr_CA
blackhole:~$ ls notexisting
ls: notexisting: Aucun fichier ou répertoire de ce type

some don't (just after the ls):
blackhole:~$ date
Mon May 17 00:54:58 EDT 1999

Here's a captured packet of the no more working midentd (intranet-side)
run after LC_ALL was set:
0030  7d 78 1a 07 00 00 01 01  08 0a 00 19 26 ee 00 2d   }x...... ....&..- 
0040  c3 5d 70 65 72 6c 3a 20  77 61 72 6e 69 6e 67 3a   .]perl:. warning: 
0050  20 53 65 74 74 69 6e 67  20 6c 6f 63 61 6c 65 20   .Setting .locale. 
0060  66 61 69 6c 65 64 2e 0a                            failed..          

of course I don't have anymore ident working.
A good thing: the bug command now works with locales since locales aren't
working ;>

workaround: I'll quickly get version 2.1.1-5 back before it disappears
on mirrors and will put it on hold. (Ok, I got it back and all is fine
again except the "bug" command bugging again with LC_ALL set)

-- System Information
Debian Release: potato
Kernel Version: Linux blackhole 2.2.7-ac1 #2 jeu avr 29 09:14:27 EDT 1999 i586 unknown

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