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Re: URGENT: warning!

On Mon, May 03, 1999 at 08:59:33PM -0700, Joel Klecker wrote:
> At 21:21 -0400 1999-05-03, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> >If you haven't upgraded in a while, I very strongly recommend that you
> >run:
> >
> >$ apt-get install libc6
> >
> >Not a dselect upgrade doing multiple things at once - JUST libc6.
> >Somewhere in the past few versions we changed our minds about
> >__register_frame_info again, and when that happened, libraries began
> >depending on the new libc6.  I'd really like to know if anyone knows
> >when/how this happened.  It's certainly a problem from 2.1-3 to
> >2.1.1-0pre1.3.
> It's egcs, this bit sparc too. egcs 1.1.2 has a weak symbols in 
> libgcc patch, this makes __*register_frame_info weak symbols. 
> Debian/sparc has backed this out of their egcs.
> Jeff Law has suggested on the egcs list that he believes that patch 
> was a bad idea, even going so far as to consider a 1.1.3 release just 
> to back it out.

I agree.  I would really like to have this fixed if possible.  Perhaps
a new egcs with that sparc patch applied.



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