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latest glibc2.0 ?

Package: libc6

I'm having a little problem with a program here...

	[ssh.papadoc]$ ./shop.cgi 
	./shop.cgi: error in loading shared libraries
	: undefined symbol: __register_frame_info

I'm running the latest I could find on master...
The person that compiled the binary, claims that it is
my libc6 that is at fault, and that I should upgrade to
the latest (february something). I found a note about
this on the Debian web, 'compiled-with-bad-libc', and
am trying to convince him that it is HE who should
upgrade. Before I get mad (and even :) at him, what exacly
is the problem with this? What IS the latest glibc2.0 ?

Please cc to me, since I'm not on the glibc list (and
have no intention to subscribe, I get enough mail as it
is :)
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