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GDAL 3.6.0

The first release candidate for GDAL 3.6.0 has been released.

A transition will be required for the SONAME bump.

The rdeps have been rebuilt which revealed two issues caused by changes in GDAL 3.6.0, and five packages which FTBFS due to unrelated issues.

New revisions of libgdal-grass and rasterio have been uploaded to unstable today with patches to fix their GDAL 3.6.0 related build failures.

gazebo (11.10.1+dfsg-2) FTBFS due to unrelated issues (#1004795).

mysql-workbench (8.0.26+dfsg-1) FTBFS due to unrelated issues (#998833).

rasterio (1.3.3-1) FTBFS due to test failures (#1023480).
A patch has been added to use xfail for the tests that fail with GDAL 3.6.0 in rasterio (1.3.3-2).

vtk6 (6.3.0+dfsg2-8.1) FTBFS due to unrelated issues (#984398).

libgdal-grass (1:1.0.1-1) FTBFS due to compile errors (#1023506).
Even was very quick to provide PR to fix this issue, the changes have been added as a patch in libgdal-grass (1:1.0.1-2).
Markus released gdal-grass 1.0.2 a little later with the GDAL 3.6.0 changes.

sumo (1.12.0+dfsg1-1) FTBFS due to unrelated issues (#1023520).

otb (8.0.1+dfsg-1) FTBFS due to unrelated issues (#1012950).

The bugreports can be found via the gdal-3.6 usertag:


Transition: gdal

 libgdal31 (3.5.3+dfsg-1) -> libgdal32 (3.6.0~rc1+dfsg-1~exp1)

The status of the most recent rebuilds is as follows.

 cloudcompare            (2.11.3-7)                  OK
 fiona                   (1.8.22-1)                  OK
 gazebo                  (11.10.1+dfsg-2)            FTBFS (#1004795)
 gmt                     (6.4.0+dfsg-1)              OK
 grass                   (8.2.0-2)                   OK
 libcitygml              (2.4.3-1)                   OK
 libosmium               (2.18.0-1)                  OK
 mapcache                (1.12.1-1)                  OK
 mapnik                  (3.1.0+ds-2)                OK
 mapproxy                (1.15.1-1)                  OK
 mapserver               (8.0.0-2)                   OK
 merkaartor              (0.19.0+ds-3)               OK
 mysql-workbench         (8.0.26+dfsg-1)             FTBFS (#998833)
 ncl                     (6.6.2-12)                  OK
 octave-mapping          (1.4.2-2)                   OK
 openorienteering-mapper (0.9.5-3)                   OK
 openscenegraph          (3.6.5+dfsg1-8)             OK
 paraview                (5.11.0~rc1+dfsg-1)         OK
 pgsql-ogr-fdw           (1.1.3-1)                   OK
 pktools                 (              OK
 postgis                 (3.3.1+dfsg-2)              OK
 python-django           (3:3.2.16-1)                OK
 qmapshack               (1.16.1-1)                  OK
 r-cran-rgdal            (1.5-32+dfsg-1)             OK
 r-cran-sf               (1.0-8+dfsg-1)              OK
 r-cran-terra            (1.6-17-1)                  OK
 rasterio                (1.3.3-1)                   FTBFS (#1023480)
 saga                    (8.4.0+dfsg-1)              OK
 vtk6                    (6.3.0+dfsg2-8.1)           FTBFS (#984398)
 vtk7                    (7.1.1+dfsg2-10.2)          OK
 vtk9                    (9.1.0+really9.1.0+dfsg2-4) OK

 libgdal-grass           (1:1.0.1-1)                 FTBFS (#1023506)
 opencv                  (4.6.0+dfsg-7)              OK
 osmcoastline            (2.3.1-1)                   OK
 qgis                    (3.22.12+dfsg-1)            OK
 sumo                    (1.12.0+dfsg1-1)            FTBFS (#1023520)

 otb                     (8.0.1+dfsg-1)              FTBFS (#1012950)

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