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Re: Postgis debian packaging


as no postgis 3.0 package was available on debian 11, we recreate a vm with a debian 10.
install postgres 12
then, according to a suggestion on a postgres list, I found a postgres 12 postgis 3.0 package in apt-archive/postgres.org repo, in the archive.
no pb to install it.
then in postgres, create extension postgis;
error: cannot find function gserialized_gist_sortsupport_2d in file postgresql-12-postgis-3.so

google for that function name.. find it in postgis sources

what can be the pb ?


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On Wed, Jul 20, 2022 at 5:22 PM Sebastiaan Couwenberg <sebastic@xs4all.nl> wrote:
On 7/20/22 16:57, Marc Millas wrote:
> I am porting a postgres 12 postgis 3.0.x instance from a windows machine to
> a debian 11 machine.
> as the app running on that db is quite long to test, the target MUST be
> postgres 12 and postgis 3.0.x
> I know that debian 11 comes with a postgres 13 and postgis distro, but it's
> not the versions I need.
> no pb to install the postgres 12.11 from postgresql.org

When installing a different postgresql version included in the Debian
release, you need to install postgis from the apt.postgresql.org repo too:


When you need a different version of postgis than provided in Debian or
apt.postgresql.org, you'll need to build it yourself.

> but, when looking at the debian postgis page, I didnt find "nothing"
> ie. I don't find what could be the name of the packet, and obviously not
> the packet itself.

The postgis binary package Recommends postgresql-postgis which is
provided by postgresql-13-postgis-3.

For postgresql-12 you'll need to install its postgis extension:


> I am even unable to guess if such a packet do exist.

`apt-cache search postgis` is your friend.

> Clearly, I do find a postgres-12-postgis-3 packet, but that one installs a
> postgis 3.2.1  which is not my need.

Then you'll need to build the version of postgis that you need with the
version postgresql that you use.

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You should work with credativ, they provide PostgreSQL consulting and
employ two of the maintainers of apt.postgresql.org.


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