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Re: State of ECW support in Debian gdal?

On 7/6/22 13:25, Sven Geggus wrote:
gdal in Debian used to contain a patch for adding ecw support via a proprietary
library using a plugin. Unfortunately this seems to have gone.

Yes. With the switch to CMake the packaging was updated significantly, all the custom targets were removed along with their related patches because that used Autotools. We only used the gdal-grass target, which is now obsolete because it moved to a separate repo.

Unfortunately this plugin approach does not seem to be included in the
package anymore. Is this correct?

You'll need to maintain a fork of the package which sets GDAL_USE_ECW in d/rules and adds the relevant packages to the Build-Depends in d/control.

Do I really need to recompile the whole library now?

Yes. Just like when you need OCI support in qgis.

We won't be maintaining any support for proprietary drivers.

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