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Re: UbuntuGIS GRASS 8 packaging

On 2/4/22 13:24, Martin Landa wrote:
I would like to build grass-8.0.0 package for UbuntuGIS unstable PPA.
The procedure depends on Debian Git Repository [1]. But there is no
`debian/8.0.0-1` tag yet.

You can just merge the experimental branch.

I would like to ask when is planned to introduce grass 8.0.0-1 to
Debian expr [2]?

The new major version suggests that gdal-grass & qgis will need changes to work with GRASS 8, so I'm not in a hurry to get it into Debian.

GRASS 7.8.7-rc1 is currently in experimental, once the final release is out the package will be moved to unstable.

After that I'll rebuild libgdal-grass & qgis with grass 8 to see what breaks, if nothing breaks it could be moved to unstable reasonably soon.

If libgdal-grass and/or qgis need changes, I'll likely keep GRASS 8 only in git until those changes are available, and keep experimental available for further 7.8.x release candidates.

> Or could I simply use `upstream/8.0.0` tag instead of
> `debian/8.0.0-1`?

That's requires you to redo all the packaging changes too, which doesn't make sense.

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