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Re: joining the Debian GIS Project


Quoting Johannes Schauer Marin Rodrigues (2021-11-01 07:39:46)
> I picked up node-carto and its dependencies and successfully ran carto on
> project.mml from openstreetmap-carto. I also just got an extension to the
> tinshift transformation of PROJ accepted upstream [1] and have software in
> Debian that does lossless conversion from raster image to PDF [2] and
> lossless Poster creation from PDF [3]. Thus, the only missing piece to make
> my 14 year old dream come true [4] is openstreetmap-carto and carto itself.
> To maintain openstreetmap-carto, I'd like to request membership of the Debian
> GIS Project.

thanks for accepting me into the team.

Could somebody with the required permissions enable debian/salsa-ci.yml in
settings->CI/CD->general pipelines in the openstreetmap-carto repo?



cheers, josch

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