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Re: Packaging lerc

With the recent changes the package is almost ready for upload.

The summary of liblerc-dev is not that great, the package name already makes it clear that it's the -dev package. Using something like:

 Limited Error Raster Compression library (Development files)

would be better. Similarly for python3-lerc which could be improved to use something like:

 Python 3 bindings to the Limited Error Raster Compression library

See geographiclib for example.

With the SOVERSION patch applied upstream, the second patch might be forwardable as well. The first can be marked as Applied-Upstream.

Hardcoding the SONAME in _lerc.py is fragile, using the result of ctypes.util.find_library() should be better.

To improve the readability of the rules the overrides should be ordered to match the execution:


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