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Debhelper compat level 12

With the bullseye release and EOL of xenial it's time to revisit the
default debhelper compat level for our packages.

Due to the lintian change complaining out compat level 9 we adopted 10
when it was only available for xenial via backports, while I'd rather
stay with the compat level that's available in the standard repo.

bionic only supports compat level 11, and 12 via backports. Compat level
11 buggy and shouldn't be used, making 12 the only viable option.

Since backports are now required for Ubuntu, there is no strong blocker
for switching to compat level 12. Compat level 12 has some nice changes
for which we won't need overrides any more like dh_makeshlibs using -V
by default and dh_missing using --list-missing by default.

Because debhelper compat level 13 is not available on older releases, it
shouldn't be used yet.

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