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Re: Basemap issue for Debian 11 testing

On 7/30/21 4:30 AM, Bu Kun wrote:
> Yesterday I began to test the codes of my book (Python and Open Source GIS) under Debian 11 testing.  https://github.com/bukun/book_python_gis
> Now I found an issue.  And a similar link : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/65668542/projerror-x-y-z-and-time-must-be-same-size 

It looks like basemap doesn't support the changes introduced in PROJ6
very well. Cartopy is intended to replace basemap, but it also lacks
full support for the new PROJ API. You may have better results with it

This is not an issue in the scope for packagers, you should use the
upstream support channels (either basemap or pyproj) to resolve this issue.

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