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Re: PROJ 8.0.0

Patches are available in the BTS for packages that could be fixed easily:

 * #983210 atlas-ecmwf
 * #983236 magics++
 * #983254 openorienteering-mapper
 * #983299 vtk9

Others have patches available upstream:

 * #983212 libgeotiff
 * #983223 python-pyproj
 * #983243 mapserver
 * #983256 postgis (partial)

Some packages are already fixed in experimental:

 * #983215 octave-octproj
 * #983327 qgis

MapServer 8.0 scheduled for release in April will include support for
proj.h. Since the proj transition is going to happen any time soon due
to the freeze we can wait for the 8.0 release and not bother
cherry-picking the changes.

While the build system for postgis is fixed upstream, there is still a
test failure that needs to be addressed. The next upstream release will
likely fix that, and like mapserver we can just wait for that.

That just leaves that packages that need to be ported to use proj.h

 * #983222 python-cartopy
 * #983224 sosi2osm
 * #983229 survex
 * #983230 xygrib
 * #983235 gnudatalanguage
 * #983245 merkaartor
 * #983253 ncl
 * #983260 qmapshack

As it will likely take a long time for their respective upstreams to
support proj.h, we won't wait for these issues to be resolved before
starting the transition.

cartopy and merkaartor upstream are already working on this, and will
likely have the proj.h support available sometime during the bookworm
development cycle.

sosi2osm looks dead upstream, the package will be removed if that
remains the case.

qmapshack upstream is unpleasant to work with, if proj.h support is not
forthcoming the package will removed as well.

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