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Re: Upgrade QGIS to 3.16 (upcoming LTR)?

On 2/7/21 12:13 PM, Richard Duivenvoorde wrote:
> If I'm correct debian is in feature freeze (or so?)?

Almost, see the Key release dates at https://release.debian.org/

> But would it still be possible to upgrade QGIS in current testing to 3.16 (which will be LTR, and is now on 3.16.3)?

Would be possible in theory, but we won't.

> It would be a pity if next Debian version would ship with an old LTR version of QGIS?

To quote myself in #974769:

 The qgis package in Debian tracks the version in the upstream LTR repo,
 which will remain at 3.10.x until January, see:


 With the 3.16.4 release scheduled for February, after the Soft Freeze,
 we're unlikely to get in into bullseye.

 The version in bullseye at time of release is irrelevant as the recent
 LTR from testing is made available in backports.

This is no different than having 2.18.28 in buster, and 3.10.x in

> Is there anything (as QGIS community) can do?

There is no need.

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