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New upstream releases

DDPO and DMD no longer show new upstream releases because of an issue
with UDD (#932296).

It is therefor important to check for new upstream releases locally with
`uscan --report`. The attached script is what I use to check for new
upstream releases of all the package repos I have checked out.

The following new upstream releases are available for which the packages
should be updated:

 * pyspectral 0.10.0
 * pyorbital 1.6.0

 * mercantile 1.1.5

The following won't be updated for now:

 * pysal 2.2.0
   Requires packaging many submodules

 * ossim 2.12.0
   Tends to break otb, the package will be removed as soon as OTB
   doesn't require it any more.

 * mkgmap 0.0.0+svn4555
   Updated once a month, usually in the first week of the month.

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