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GDAL 3.1.0

GDAL 3.1.0 has been released, it broke the C++ ABI which required a
SONAME bump which in turn triggers a transition.

Most rdeps built successfully, fiona is the only real issue.

fiona (1.8.13-1) FTBFS due to test failures, reported in #960369.

gazebo (11.0.0+dfsg1-2) initially FTBFS due to an internal compiler
error, but the second build succeeded.

mysql-workbench (8.0.19+dfsg-1) FTBFS because the build dependencies
cannot be installed, already reported in #953138.

The bugreports filed for GDAL 3.1.0 can be found via the usertag:


Transition: gdal

 libgdal26 (3.0.4+dfsg-1+b6) -> libgdal27 (3.1.0+dfsg-1~exp1)

The status of the most recent rebuilds is as follows.

 fiona                   (1.8.13-1)               FTBFS (#960369)
 gazebo                  (11.0.0+dfsg1-2)         OK
 gmt                     (6.0.0+dfsg-2)           OK
 libcitygml              (2.0.9-2)                OK
 libosmium               (2.15.5-1)               SKIP (B-D only)
 mapcache                (1.10.0-1)               OK
 mapnik                  (3.0.23+ds-1)            OK
 mapproxy                (1.12.0-1)               SKIP (B-D only)
 mapserver               (7.6.0-1)                OK
 merkaartor              (0.18.4+ds-4)            OK
 mysql-workbench         (8.0.19+dfsg-1)          FTBFS (#953138)
 ncl                     (6.6.2-2)                OK
 node-srs                (0.4.8+dfsg-4)           OK
 octave-mapping          (1.4.0-1)                OK
 openorienteering-mapper (0.9.1-1)                OK
 openscenegraph          (3.6.4+dfsg1-3)          OK
 pdal                    (2.1.0+ds-2)             OK
 pgsql-ogr-fdw           (1.0.9-1)                OK
 pktools                 (           OK
 postgis                 (3.0.1+dfsg-4)           OK
 python-django           (2:2.2.12-1)             SKIP (B-D only)
 qmapshack               (1.14.1-1)               OK
 r-cran-mi               (1.0-7)                  SKIP (B-D only)
 r-cran-rgdal            (1.4-8-1)                OK
 r-cran-sf               (0.9-3+dfsg-1)           OK
 r-cran-tmvtnorm         (1.4-10-3)               SKIP (B-D only)
 rasterio                (1.1.4-1)                OK
 saga                    (7.3.0+dfsg-4)           OK
 sumo                    (1.4.0+dfsg1-1)          OK
 vtk6                    (6.3.0+dfsg2-5)          SKIP (B-D only)
 vtk7                    (7.1.1+dfsg2-4)          OK

 cloudcompare            (2.10.3-4)               SKIP (B-D only)
 grass                   (7.8.3-1)                OK
 opencv                  (4.2.0+dfsg-6)           OK
 osgearth                (2.10.2+dfsg-2)          OK
 osmcoastline            (2.2.4-1)                OK
 paraview                (5.7.0-4)                OK
 pyosmium                (3.0.0-1)                SKIP (B-D only)

 libgdal-grass           (3.0.4-2 / 3.1.0-1~exp1) FTBFS / OK
 otb                     (7.1.0+dfsg-1)           OK
 qgis                    (3.10.5+dfsg-2)          OK

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