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GDAL 3.0.2

The transition to GDAL 3 was blocked by the removal of the Python 2
support as discussed in the transition bugreport (#939989). This took
quite a bit of time to resolve due to an uncooperative maintainer, but
there are no rdeps of python-gdal in unstable any more.

In the meantime the GDAL 3 support in fiona was fixed upstream. vtk7 was
also updated to use the embedded copy of PROJ.4 to fix the FTBFS with
PROJ 6. OSSIM upstream even ported it to use the GEOS C API to fix the
build failure with GEOS 3.8.0. Unfortunately OTB still FTBFS due to
recent changes in ITK4. It's still not in testing, so not a big issue.

Hopefully we'll be able to start the transition soon, but I fear that
the python3.8 transition is going to cause more delays (as it will cause
many autopkgtest failure until everything is rebuilt for python3.8 as well).

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